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Using Silicon Molds- A brief description.

Using Silicon Molds- A brief description.

Silicon mold 3

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Hello everyone!

In the field of cake decorating the sky is the limit with it comes to the type of tools to use to achieve that perfect, out of this world, no-one has, never seen before kind of cake. Usually, people can use cookie cutters for more than cookies, nowadays the cookie cutter use has been expanded to more than “cutting cookies”. Now you can use that same cutter to cut fondant, gumpaste, modeling chocolate and even cold porcelain (for those of us that work that product).

Most of my tools are NOT the regular “fondant” type of tools, I use from cookie cutters, to stencils (used for regular paintings), to tools used by clay artists. From a simple knife to a more detailed mold, again the sky is the limit.

To that effect, today I want to provide you guys a sample of one of this tools… the Silicon Mold.

Silicone Molds

Silicon Mold 1

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Silincon Mold 4

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Just as its name states, a Silicone Mold is a mold that is made of a rubber like material called Silicon. The silicon material is often found in two categories Food Safe and Non-Food safe silicon. Obviously, the food safe silicon is the most appropriate for cake decorating pieces, since even thought it is not mean to be eaten, the decoration would one way of the other touch the cake itself. The non-food safe silicon mold can be used for cold porcelain, clay, or any other type of materials that can be used for pieces that are NOT mean to be eaten or that will NOT touch the cake at all.

A GOOD silicon mold is not cheap, usually you will find many molds that range in prices (depending of size) from $1.00 to $100 +, remember, you get (quality wise) what you pay for. And if you are really looking to do A LOT of pieces out of one silicon mold, I suggest you invest in a GOOD QUALITY mold, since the non-so good quality (less expensive) molds will not last more than a few months due to the fact that you have to be opening the mold to take the dry piece out of it, and that simple movement starts ripping the mold in two.

Silicon molds can be used in MANY shapes and sizes (we have a few for sale in our store–check it out). Many silicon molds are used, as mentioned before, for sugar paste decorations, but we can also find molds that are specifically made for Sugar Lace, which is exactly as its name states lace made out of a sugar liquid like powder (next article will be about sugar lace).

I hope you have a better idea on what a silicon mold is. Please remember, a good mold will last more than a few months, these require to be cleaned before and after its use, and as all tools to be used to prepare food items, it needs to be store in a dry, clean place.

Until next time, with love BakeNCraft.com!


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