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Wafer Paper- What is it and How is it used?

Wafer Paper- What is it and How is it used?

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Hello Friends:

Today I would like to discuss a bit about Wafer Paper and its uses in the field of cake decorating.

First of all, Wafer Paper is known also as Rice Paper, or Edible Paper. Basically is riced or potato based. It is a light delicate way of doing decorations such as flowers.

Rice Paper is also used with edible printers (not the same as frosting sheets) to create images that can be cut to size and glue to cookies or even a whole cake.

How to use Rice Paper:

To be able to make flowers out of Rice Paper, you would need either a punch cutter (found on any craft store-not the cake aisle thou) or a simple template would do, but of course would be more time consuming.

I have searched a few websites, and have chosen the best three which I consider would be of great information and use on tutorials with Wafer Paper. I hope you enjoy them.



Thank you and until next time,

Sweet love!

P.S. I would love to hear from you, please post your comments. And let me know what topic you would like to read about.



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