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Cake Boards – Different Styles and Uses.

Cake Boards – Different Styles and Uses.


Cake boards are one of the most impart elements that are used in the cake decorating field.  Simply put without cake boards the cake has no hard surface where to rest so it can be stacked or sanitarily put.

Cake boards come in different sizes, shapes, thickness and materials.  Each cake decorator has their preference on what type of cake board to use, but is always good to keep in mind that depending on how the board will be used within the cake, the price and material of the board will change.  For example, if I am doing a one tier cake, I don’t need a Masonite cake board.  

Three (3) Different types of Boards                

masonite cake board

Masonite Boards

Acrylic Cake Board

Acrylic Boards

Cardboard Cake Boards

Cardboard Boards

        What is a Masonite cake board you ask?  Well, a Masonite cake board is made out a mix of wood shavings and cardboard.  Masonite boards are used for cakes that need to have a stronger sturdier base, a good example would be for competition cakes.  Usually competition cakes need be of a specific height and if the requirement of the contest is to have real cake instead of dummy, the Masonite boards are the use of preference.  The Masonite board is not easy to be bended or broken, it can deal with moisture and stickiness of the buttercream. As all that is of a good quality it is a bit more expensive than the regular cardboard cake board and the also popular acrylic board which is mainly used when you want your board to be as invisible as possible.  Please have in mind that acrylic boards are not as sturdy as the Masonite, they are good and stronger than the regular cardboard boards but if the cake is too heavy, it may give way and break.

All cake boards can be decorated or covered.  Most persons would not cover the boards, some boards come already covered in silver or gold foil paper, other persons prefer to cover their own boards.  Many cake decorators can make a 1/4″ board make it look like a 3″ board just by staking and gluing a few of them together to gain height, and then cover it on foil paper.  Other decorators like to cover their thicker bases with fondant (practice of my preference) so the board appears to be part of the cake, additionally the trim of the board would be covered with a silk lace or crystals.

Nowadays with technology, specially YouTube, you can learn how to cut, assemble, and cover your own cake boards, there are many tutorials found online as well.  So, don’t be afraid, if you have never tried making or covering your own board, get online do your research and learn, you will see that is not as difficult as you might think.

Happy caking!!!



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