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Cupcakes- How to Make/Decorate

Cupcakes- How to Make/Decorate

cupcakesCupcakes- Tips on How to Make/Decorate 

Hello friends, today I wanted to write a little about cupcakes. Yes! those yummy they are so good that they are bad piece of heaven that melt in your mouth.  We all love cupcakes, no matter the flavor, or occasion, any occasion is good to have a yummy cupcake.  

Originally, cupcakes were made by the quick and easy method of measuring ingredients by the cupful, this is where the name cupcake comes to life. In some places cupcakes are known as Fairy Cakes, and when you add currants to cupcake then you would have a Queen cake.  Muffins are a larger version of cupcakes which usually have fruits in it.

There are a few types of sponge cakes:  Whisked (or fatless sponge) which is made from sugar, eggs, and flours.  the Victory Sandwich sponge cake that involves beating butter and sugar together, until soft and light.  they there is the All-in-One method which uses soft margarine, and all ingredients are mixed together and not beaten, this recipe contains baking powder to help the cake rise, and Genoese sponge a recipe wherein the sugar and eggs are beaten together until light tin color, half the sifted flour is folded int, followed by the remaining flour, and melted butter.

Tips when making Cupcakes:  

  • Always check the used in a recipe.  This is not usually mentioned in the list of ingredients, but often found in the notes near the front of a recipe book.
  • Most recipe call for large eggs.  The size of the egg will make a difference between a cake you are happy with and one that disappointing ti you.
  • Butter and eggs should always be taken from the refrigerator the day before using.
  • If making Chocolate cupcakes have in mind that Cocoa powder, which is absorbent, is used to make chocolate cakes.  This mixture may need extra liquid to make the correct consistency, also drinking chocolate will NOT give the same color or flavor as Cocoa powder because of the sugar in it.  Do not use milk chocolate, because it will NOT give the cake a strong flavor or color as dark chocolate would.

Tips on decorating cupcakes:

  • Less is more.  Let your cupcakes shine for it flavor and not for the decorations on it.
  • When thinking about how to decorate, have in mind the party theme, color, and attendees, you don’t want to make rock themed cakes for a black tie event.
  • Think about what would you think if you were an invitee of the party and saw a certain cupcake decorated with too much food coloring? You wouldn’t eat it I bet.
  • Keep the decoration simple and no more than 1 to 3 small items…let the flavor of it be your main focus point.

Whatever the occasion, it is always good to try a few recipes before committing to making a specific flavor.  From trial and error processes have come to life make wonderful new recipes.  Do not be afraid to test and retest a recipe, and try making it your own. Remember, practice makes perfect.


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Happy Caking!








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