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Wafer Paper  -What is good for?

Wafer Paper -What is good for?

Wafer Paper – What is good for?

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Hello Friends and Thank you for join me again!  A very short, but useful description of Wafer Paper, and its use in the cake decorating field. 

Today I would like to discuss another of the many materials used for cake decoration nowadays, Wafer Paper (also known as rice paper, or icing sheets).

Wafer paper is usually made of rice or potato flour.  It comes mainly in white color, but is also found in different colors.  If you have access to white paper only, you can color it using either dust colors, or air-brushing it…note that when coloring with air-brush you have to paint it in layers, very light layers, let it dry, then do another layer, never at once because the paper will be damaged and broken. Remember it is very delicate when it comes to liquids.

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This technique is  very popular in cake decorating due to his lightness in weight and versatility of uses, it can be cut, and shaped to form different types of decorations, but it is mainly used to create beautiful flowers, and cake borders.   It uses is infinite, just use your imagination.  From using it to make flowers, to make the dress on a human figure made out of fondant or gumpaste, wafer paper can give you the hedge you need to have your cake standout among the rest.

Wafer paper only needs a very light amount of water to stick to itself, it can be curled, and folded to make all types of decorations, from simple to more complex shapes, again, your imagination is the limit.   My favorite use for it would be not only flowers made out of it, but also do borders or quilting which nowadays has become very popular.

Stay tuned to our store, we will be selling White (only for now) wafer paper by the sheet or in set of 6.  We will be posting as well tutorials on how to create flowers.

Stay tuned!


Happy Caking!

Love BakenCraft




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