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Daisy Flower out of Fondant or Gumpaste.  

Photo by Google.com

Hello Friends!   Today I am posting a short but fun tutorial on how to make a Daisy Flower out of Fondant or Gumpaste.  As we all know, fondant is a sugar paste (known in England as Sugar Paste and not Fondant) which is used to cover cakes and to make certain types of decorations. In this case we will be doing a Daisy.

Daisy template Google.com

Daisy template


  • Fondant (white or any color of your choice)
  • Crisco (used to condition the fondant)
  • Daisy cutters (if available, if not use the template attached)
  • Colors (dust, gels, or food coloring)
  • Foam
  • Modeling tools (veining tool mainly)
  • Brushes for coloring
  • Flower former
  • Tooth pick (for center of the flower)



1-  Take a ball of fondant, knead it with a little of Crisco for conditioning.

2-  Slightly flatten the bottom of the ball to make a kind of half ball.

3-  Now, take a tooth pick and make small holes in the center.

4-  Set a side to dry.


1-  Take a piece of fondant and put a little of Crisco in it, knead it to condition the fondant so it is not easy breakable.

2-  Take the fondant and roll it to about 1/8″ and put your cutter or template on top of it.

3-  Press the cutter/template on it and cut.

4- After cutting, take the flower and put it on a soft foam.

5- Take the veining tool and with the widest point on the tip of the petal make a down movement, so the petal may curl a little.

6-  Repeat the same procedure with the other petals.

7-  Put to dry on a flower former so it keeps a coupled shape.

8-  Repeat steps 1-7 to make the second layer of petals.

Finally, once dry, take the center section and glue it (with sugar glue) to the center of the petals.  Wait until is completely dry and color to your liking.

I will be placing a video of this tutorial on our YouTube Channel, hope to see you there.

Until next time,

Sweet Love,


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