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Grumpy dwarf cake topper

Grumpy dwarf cake topper

Grumpy Dwarf  Cake Topper Tutorial, Enjoy! 

-Step one, shape the head.

Using your hands roll a wide cone shape and taper the upper part making sure you indent half of it outwards to form the cheekbones.


-Step two, three and four Form the body (tummy, arms, legs)

To form the body you start with a ball of red fondant and taper the upper part a little to make the chest area a bit narrow than the tummy. After making the tummy part, insert a skewer thought the middle of it and set it aside to dry overnight if possible. Take a piece of red fondant and make a sausage shape to form the arms, making sure the arm is bended to the desired shape, to keep the shape make sure to use sty roam foam p, toothpicks or pins to keep in place while drying. Please pinch the toothpick into the foam and NOT the fondant. For the legs, use a ball of fondant and start rolling a long sausage shape, find the middle and make an indentation 1 inch wide to form the area where the legs will begin. After, fold in half to form the legs. Now, out a skewer in each of the legs and let it dry for at least 6 hours before starting to assemble the pieces together.


-Step three, Shoes.

To make the shoes, the a piece of brown fondant and make a teardrop shape and make the tip pointy. Make some lines indentations on top to give some detail to the shoe. Take a small ball of fondant and flatten it a bit to form a circle, glue to the top of the shoe and insert a skewer on each of them just to make the hole, take up the skewers and let it dry completely before attaching the shoes to the legs, please make sure the shoes are completely dry, if not they will not hold the weight of the piece.


-Step four. Face

Take a tiny piece of fondant and roll it into a thing snake-like shape, cut in hard and clue to the face making sure give it the movement so it shoes that he is angry. Cut two small oval-shaped circles, and paint a small area in black for the eye. Glue the eye to the face and let it dry for at least 20 mits. Roll a ball of fondant in skin color and form the nose. Glue the nose and let it dry.

-Step five, Doing the hat.

Take a piece of brown fondant and for a cone with the tip being almost round and not pointy. Take the wider part of the cone and thing it put with your fingers and glue to the head. Bend the tip of the hat to give it movement.

-Step six. Hands

Make 2 fondant drops, flatten the round part and cut an L shape on the side to for a little thump, and curl the rest of the hand to make it look like a fist. Do these for both.

-Step seven. Shirt and belt

Take a piece of red fondant doll it thing to about 1/6 of an inch thick and form a rectangle that will be wrapped from the back leaving a space of about 1/2 inch in front (see photo). For the belt, roll a long thing piece of black fondant and flatten it to form the belt, glue it to the waist. Cut a small square of white fondant and cut a small square in the center of the square and paint in gold to form the buckle. Glue the buckle to the belt and set to dry.

The last step would be making the beard from a long, flattened water drop shaped piece of fondant in white, take a toothpick and draw lines to form the hairs in the beard. Glue the beard to the face, from ear to ear length.

Here is the finished product. Hope you like it.


I will be posting new tutorials weekly. If you have any tutorial you would like to see let me know and I will post it.

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