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Edible Geode:

Edible Geode is a new trend in the cake decorating field.  There are many ways and techniques on how to make this beautiful gem looking rock.  Many people use Isolmalt, which is cooked sugar which has to be poured while hot into a container that will aide with the shape.  Working with isolmat is mostly for the experienced decorator since the temperature of the melted sugar is too high and there is a risk of scolding your hands, caution must always be practiced when working with isomalt. In the spirit of giving you another option, other than isomalt, we at BakeNCraft, have searched many pages and videos on Youtube and the internet to provide you with the easiest method, at least known to me,  to make these beautiful pieces without the risk of getting burn too much.  Dont get me wrong, we still have to cook the candy and be very careful with it, but up to some point it is a bit easier and more user friendly to use this technique, aside that you will achieve a look different from the rest.  You will notice that the Geode does NOT have a hole or opening in the center, it s solid rock. Hence,  Today I want to share with you a video that I found online, specifically at the How to Cook That Youtube Channel, wherein the talented Ann Reardon show us how to make an edible Geode making rock candies.  I have attached the link to he video.  This tutorial has been very useful to me and I hope is very useful to you as well.

Hope you enjoy!

How to cook that edible geode

How to Make Candy Geodes


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