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Cold Porcelain – Ready to use on your next craft project


cold porcelain colors

Cold porcelain in different colors

Cold porcelain is a non-toxic, but not eatable paste to make all type of craft projects your heart desires.  From picture frames to standing pieces, the sky is the limit.  Cold porcelain has a smoother consistency than sugar paste or gumpaste and dries faster than fondant.  Cold porcelain is air dry so you don’t need an oven for cooking it.

Our 8 oz  and 16 oz packs come in different colors (yellow, light blue, orange, pink, etc.)

Stronger colors such as black, red, navy, etc. are made to order and for an extra charge since they are a more difficult color to achieve and which requires more colorant.

Should you need any of the stronger colors, please contact us at egarcia@bakencraft.com for a quote on pricing.




Cold Porcelain Colors








Cold Porcelain ready for using.  Comes is different colors, and two weight options, either 8 oz or 16 oz package.  Ready to use, and/or color (if purchasing white).  Perfect for those out of the ordinary craft projects.  Cold porcelain is a great product to use for craft projects, home decorations – inside and out- and even for those wanting to channel their creativity and creating wonderful pieces or art.  Check our blog for ideas on how to use it, you will be surprised of how amazing this product is.  It is safe for children to use, but adult supervision is required as with any other craft material. Come and check us out.  Cold porcelain can be purchased in an off-white color which may be colored with food colors or craft paint colors.  It is up to you on how to use it.  You can shape your figures, let them completely dry and then paint, use other materials such as lace to make a nice dress on a doll is just an example on how Cold Porcelain can be combined in making that special token of appreciation for that special person. The best part of it is that your creation is as unique as yourself.



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