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Double Pearl Silicon Mold

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Double Pearl silicon mold ready for use, and perfect to make that special cake stand-out.



Pearls1 pearls2 Pearls3 Pearls4

Made from 100% food grade durable silicone to create mold used for a variety of sugar/chocolate/fondant decorations.

The experienced cake decorator will be able to alter and adapt the finished figures for their own designs.
1. Made of high quality silicone material, approved by FDA and SGS.
2. Wide range temperature tolerance: -40~230oC.
3. Tasteless, non-toxic, dust resistant, durable, no permeate and easy to clean.
4. Be safe to use in ovens, microwaves, washing machine and refrigerator.
5. Microwave and freezer safe

Color: Pink

Rating of temperature: -40 centigrade to+210 centigrade

Additional information

Weight .00022 lbs
Dimensions 8.0 x 1.6 in


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