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Zebra Tutorial1

This is a tutorial that I found online.  It is courtesy of  Yun Jung cakes.  Is one of the best tutorials online I have seen.  Enjoy! 


Gumpaste or Fondant (or even cold porcelain)

Black color for paws, mouth outlining, eyes and stripes

Gray color (for mouth)

Pink color for cheeks

White color for details in the eyes

Modeling tools

Gumpaste glue

Toothpicks (to insert the head to the body and to use it to paint the strips )


Please note that the amount of gumpaste to be color will depend on the size of the piece you are making.

-First, Preparing the gumpaste colors.  

Color some gumpaste in black color to be used  for the paws, stripes, mouth and eyes.

Second, color some gumpaste in pink for for cheeks.

Third, color some gumpaste in purple for the mouth.

-Building For the body

Take a ball of gumpaste and roll it to make a pear like shape, take a toothpick and make a perforation i the center of the neck area (do not leave the toothpick in) to make space for the head insertion.

Roll 4 pieces of gumpaste on a tapper sausage form to form the legs(2) and arms (2)

Glue the legs and arms to the body.

Zebra Tutorial

– Building the head

First, take a ball of gumpaste and roll it to ellongate it enought to form an egg, insert a toothpick and set it aside to dry.  Roll out a piece of gray gumpaste, flatten it out with a roller and cut an oval shape piece, big enought to cover the front of the mounth (or mouth).  Then roll 2 small balls of gumpaste and shape it into a drop by tappering one of the ends, this shall form the ears.  With a modeling tool, make a indentation on the ear to give it a bit more detail.  Glue the hears on the head.  Finally take the head and insert it into the hole previously made on the neck area in the body, make sure you put glue onthe tookpick and the neck area.

Zebra Tutorial

-Finishing details to head, forming hoofs, hair, eyes and mouth.

First, take a modeling tool and with a pointy tip make the nostrils on the nose area.  Roll 4 balls of black fondant and flatten them out.  2 balls should be bigger than the others to form the hoofs.  Glue the smaller hoofs to the arms, and the bigger hoofs to the legs.  Take a piece of black gumpaste and roll it to form a thin sausage, flatten it out to about  1/4 of an inch in thickness to form a kind of half-moon shape, take a modeling knife and make 3 indentations or cuts (be careful not to cut all the way) to form the hair.  Blue the hair to the back of the head area.   Now, roll 2 tiny balls of black gumpaste and glue it to the face area by slighly flatten it each eye, but not too much to form the eyes, take a toothpick and take a little of white color to make a small white dot on the eyes to give it a bit of light to the eyes.  Cut 2 small circles (usually made with a tip size 2) of pink gumpaste and glue it to face area where the cheeks go.

Finally, take a piece of black gumpaste, roll it to a thin snake-like shape to form the smile and glue it to the mouth area (the gray area).

Zebra Tutorial

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  I will be posting more as I make them or find some tutorials online.

Thank you,

BakeNCraft! 🙂

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